Sanhill Crane Quartet

Sanhill Crane Quartet
OIl on 18x24 inch canvas

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Of late I have taken commisions for the ever-enigmatic feline. These are not my first but my most recent.



Toothless Fairie

I decided that my blog needed a new and whimsical name, and something fairy-like seemed just right. I thought, "Tooth Fairy," and corrected it to "Toothless Fairie." Below is my Toothless Fairie.

She's lost her bite, but not her wit, as she sits safely among the thorny wood-rose shrubs.


Of late I have been involved in an affair with tropical fish. I'm drawn to (no pun intended) their organic lines and magnificent palette. That they rarely touch ground (underwater) makes them ethereal, and their eyes hold secrets we may never know. Below is a sampling of my fish portraits.

Box Fish and Octopus
Butterfly Fish


Tropical Fish Meeting