Sanhill Crane Quartet

Sanhill Crane Quartet
OIl on 18x24 inch canvas

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The African Sacred Ibis crossing a herd of Zebra

This 19 x 24 drawing was executed using Faber-Castell water soluable graphite pencils with a touch of a black Derwent Verithin colored pencil. The paper is vellum bristol.  

I felt it was time to incorporate my bird portraits with other animals and I plan to create more pieces with flocks of birds or a variety of species. I think this composition is an interesting one, capturing a Sacred Ibis as it slowly strolls across the view of a herd of Zebras. Taking no mind of the Ibis, a Tick Bird goes about it's business, dining on the insects on the back of one of the Zebras. I used three different photos downloaded from to create this drawing.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Aplamoda Falcon

  • The Aplomado Falcon was placed on the Endangered Species List in 1986 and is the last falcon in the United States currently on this list.
  • The last known wild breeding pair of Aplomado Falcons in the United States was last seen in New Mexico in 1952.
  • Aplomado Falcons will hunt together as pairs or in family groups, working together to pursue or flush out their prey.
From:  the Peregrine Fund

The beautiful bird of prey's portrait was done primarily in Derwent Inktense Color Pencils with some Windsor Newton water soluble paint and Derwent Verithin colored pencils on 9" x 12" water color paper. I purchased a photo of this beautiful bird in captivity from Wild Life Reference Photos to produce this portrait.